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Merchandising Solutions

At Dwell & Décor Outdoor we know making the sale can be just a difficult as picking the perfect patio cushions. With our expert merchandising solutions, we can get you the display options that cater directly to your needs. We have several different displays for different stores, whether you need pallot, PDQ, gondola or pegboard options.






Online programs and drop-shipping

We have some great news for retailers! Through our online programs, you have access to our entire fabric library. Our in-store merchandising allows you to see all of your options. Orders are transmitted to Dwell & Décor Outdoor, and we can ship anything within 40 hours directly to the customer. You can use whichever carrier is needed.






Collaborative Analytics

We believe our analytics can predict the future. Our research helps us ensure that you have the right merchandise at the right time. By using information on 3 year trends, we can prepare reports based off your store’s individual demographics and ensure that you are providing your customers with the products they’re looking for.






Private Labeling

We understand that your brand is a valuable asset. We create products and packaging that match or expand-upon your brand's identity. Our merchandising strategies provide a compelling display for the top-quality items we are known for.







Fabric Development

When it comes to fabric, the options are endless with Dwell & Décor Outdoor. When developing our fabrics, we employ the use of our analytics and creative teams to make sure your finished product is one that will sell. We offer printed, woven and engineered designs in addition to many other options. And don’t forget the cherry on top with our trims, buttons, braids and more.